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Modular universal engine RPM meter

Modular multi-mode engine RPM meter (tachometer), suitable for measuring engine RPM (speed) on 2- and 4-stroke Otto-cycle engines and Diesel engines-equipped vehicles of any kind.

The RPM-119 is a completely modular RPM meter, available in a variety of different settings, from the most basic with no user interface and a single RPM detection mode, to the most complete with integrated wireless connection, integrated battery, and several different RPM detection modes.

Its modularity makes it the perfect choice for business partners looking for a personalized solution that satisfies the requirements of their market without compromising on the quality of the product.

Recommended for pre-check, diagnostics and repair, the RPM-119 can be used either as a stand-alone RPM meter or in conjunction with ASSEMBLAD gas analysers and smoke meters for emission testing of any kind of vehicle.

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  •  Modular universal engine RPM meter (tachometer) for 2- and 4- stroke 8-cycle engines and Diesel engines-equipped vehicles of any kind.
  • Available with integrated user interface (lcd display and keypad) or with PC interface only, to be used in combination with a gas analyzer or smoke meter through Assemblad Software.
  • Multi-mode measurement by means of a variety of optional sensors, such as knock sensor (accelerometer), battery ripple, Radio antenna and OBD.
  • Wide range of options, such as integrated battery and built-in Bluetooth interface for full wireless operations.
  • Suitable to be used in conjunction with Gas Analyser and Smoke meter for engine speed-driven emission tests.
  • Compatible with ASSEMBLAD emission test software.
  • Hand held, light, shock-proof casing.



Engine RPM300 ÷ 9999 rpm 
1 rpm/1'
Oil Temperature
0 ÷ 150 °C
1 °C

Power and size
Power supply10 ÷ 28 Volt DC
Weight330 g
Dimensions  (LxHxP)